Pasaquan: Farmhouse Where Art and Mystery Meet


Nestled in the rural heart of Georgia, there lies a hidden gem that transcends the ordinary: Pasaquan. This unique site, brimming with vibrant colors and bold designs, is more than just an artistic enclave; it’s a window into a visionary world.

But what secrets and stories are held within its walls? As we embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of Pasaquan, prepare to be captivated by a tale that weaves together art, spirituality, and an unforgettable legacy.

Eddie Owens Martin’s Journey from New York to Buena Vista

Eddie Owens Martin spent his childhood years as an artist in New York and moved to this house near Buena Vista in 1955. If you pay attention, the house is no different from a standard farmhouse. The formation of Pasaquan began when Martin moved here.

For 30 years he worked here. The result was mandala-like wall paintings and colorfully painted walls. The Pasaquan motifs on the walls are mostly influenced by Mexican, African and Native American culture. It’s like an art gallery, but instead of paintings, there are vibrantly colored walls where Martin paints the world he imagines, the world he wants to see in the future.

Pasaquan as a Harmonious Utopia

In this art space, also called St. EOM’S Pasaquan, using Eddie Owens Martin’s initials, it is tried to express through art that human beings can live in harmony and that the future can open to a peaceful world.

The Restoration of St. EOM’s Pasaquan

After Martin’s suicide in 1986, the walls of Pasaquan began to fade, the concrete began to crumble, and snakes began to nest in the tall grass. Until some foundations took over the place. Then they started to bring back St. EOM’s thoughts, restored it and made it what it is today.

Georgia Pasaquan Martin Buena Vista
Pasaquan near Buena Vista, Georgia

Today, Pasaquan has taken its place among the important historical spots in America. While you can see the works of St. EOM in Pasaquan, it was possible to see many works, sketches, drawings and paintings related to Martin in The Columbus Museum and LaGrange Art Museum.

When we went to Pasaquan, there was no one around, it looked more abandoned. And that’s creepy too, in the end. In unfamiliar places, it’s a bit eerie when there’s no one around and it feels like we’re being looked at by the paintings on the walls, head paintings, eyes and other striking elements that can have many different meanings.

Where is Pasaquan and How to Get There?

Pasaquan is located in Buena Vista in the US state of Georgia, in an area far from the city center. There is nothing visible around it. It is located on Eddie Martin Rd, named after Eddie Martin, the creator of this place. If you have business near Cumulus in Georgia or if you want to go from Atlanta to Orlando via Cumulus, you can also stop here.


As our exploration of Pasaquan comes to a close, we’re left with a profound appreciation for this extraordinary place. More than just a physical location in Georgia, Pasaquan is a testament to the power of imagination and the enduring influence of visionary art. It stands as a vibrant reminder that creativity knows no bounds, and that the most extraordinary worlds can be found in the most unexpected places.