Ruby Beach on the Olympic National Park: Washington’s Coastal Jewel


Located on Washington State’s rainy Olympic Peninsula, Ruby Beach at Kalaloch Lodge offers nature’s unique beauty. With its red sands, Ruby Beach is like a canvas on which nature paints its most beautiful pictures. With its shiny gray sands, impressive rock formations and a coastline littered with driftwood, Ruby Beach offers a special natural setting where sea stars nest and the Hoh River meets the sea.

When you step onto Ruby Beach, you are mesmerized by its unique and impressive landscape. The huge sea rocks rising from the sea near Port Angeles and the Hoh Rainforest are the remnants of thousands of years of erosion.

Reach History Of Ruby Beach

Another striking feature of Ruby Beach is the pieces of wood scattered on the beach. These remnants of wood are a monument to the power of nature.

From exploring the vast expanses of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary to taking a leisurely stroll along Second Beach, Beach 4 or South Beach, this is a treasure trove for peaceful beach lovers. The Olympic Peninsula offers national wildlife and ever-changing seascapes.

Here you can enjoy beach strolls where you can find treasures such as shells, sea glass and perhaps a precious ‘ruby’. You can also find agate and pieces of wood and make special memories by strolling along the coast.

Wildlife At Ruby Beach

Wildlife enthusiasts can spot seals, otters and numerous bird species, even migratory birds. Photographers can’t resist the dramatic landscapes that change with the tides and light. But you should have a safe and respectful experience, paying attention to local regulations regarding rip currents and drone use.

A short walk away you’ll find Cedar Creek, where you can dip your feet in the cool, clear water or picnic on its banks. Here, the rhythmic sound of the creek merges with the sound of the ocean waves in the distance, offering you the opportunity to relax in a tranquil setting.

Sunset at Ruby Beach in Washington

No trip to Ruby Beach is complete without experiencing the splendor of a Pacific sunset. As the sunset approaches, the beach undergoes a magical transformation. The sun slowly descends, giving the landscape a warm, golden hue. Sea rocks become dramatic silhouettes against the glowing horizon and the ‘ruby’ particles in the sand seem to burn with an inner fire.

Things To Do At Ruby Beach Sunset

Tidepools at Ruby Beach

One of the things waiting to be discovered at Ruby Beach are the tide pools. These small ecosystems between the rocks when the sea retreats are filled with interesting marine life such as sea urchins and shellfish.

Walking among the tide pools at Ruby Beach is like a storybook experience that reveals the diversity of life in the Pacific Ocean. You might even get a chance to see the cute sea otters that live here.

Where Is Ruby Beach Located

In this colorful world, you’ll encounter purple and orange sea stars, vibrant hermit crabs and sea anemones waving their tentacles in the water. Don’t be surprised if you spot a crab scurrying along the edge or a snail slowly making its way across the seaweed. More hidden treasures can be found for careful observers. Look for small, colorful sea hares clinging to the rocks or barely noticeable chitons.

Swimming at Ruby Beach

You may be tempted to swim in the vast Pacific Ocean at Ruby Beach, but it’s important to know the conditions before diving in. The waters off the coast of Washington are quite cold, even in summer. The temperature rarely exceeds 12 degrees, which can be shocking for those who are not used to cold waters.

There is also a dangerous side to the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, rip currents. These fast, narrow channels of water can quickly sweep even the strongest swimmers away from shore. Due to the location of Ruby Beach and the offshore sea rocks, rip currents are quite common here. If you get caught in a rip current, remember to swim sideways to escape its pull. Always tell someone about your plans, keep a close eye on the changing tides and do not exceed your depth.

How to Get There: Trip to Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is located on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula, about 27 miles south of the town of Forks, Washington.

Ruby Beach in southern Washington is a must-see for anyone traveling to the Olympic Peninsula. If you’re coming from Seattle, Tacoma or Portland, you can easily reach this coastal paradise by following U.S. Highway 101. Along the way you can enjoy the famous seascapes and get away from city life.

If you’re traveling from Seattle, the drive to Ruby Beach takes about four hours. It takes you both along beautiful roads and through lush forests, which makes the journey unforgettable. For those who prefer public transportation, there are buses from major cities to Forks. After Forks, you can hire a taxi or rent a car to reach the beach.


At the end of the day, a visit to Ruby Beach is not just a destination, but a journey into a world dominated by the splendor of nature. From the moment you step onto the sands, you will hear the symphony of the waves and be mesmerized by an impressive coastal landscape. Even when you leave, both the physical and emotional impressions of Ruby Beach will call you back.