South Carolina Beaches: 11 Must-Visit Coastal Among Paradises


A place where the warm sun is always shining, the waves gently kiss the shore and every view seems to have come straight out of a postcard are the beautiful South Carolina Beaches. From hidden gems away from the crowds to bustling shores with every amenity you can imagine. Let’s explore the natural beauty and vibrant culture that make South Carolina Beaches a must-visit destination.

So, why should you consider South Carolina for your next beach getaway? South Carolina’s beaches aren’t all sand and sea. Each beach in this great state offers its own unique character, interesting history, abundant wildlife and a variety of activities that will appeal to beach lovers of all kinds.

Best Beaches near South Carolina

Folly Beach

Our first stop is Folly Beach. Often referred to as “America’s Tip”, this scenic beach near Charleston is full of natural beauty and has a vibrant beach scene. With six miles of sandy beaches, Folly Beach is a surfer’s paradise.

You can also take a leisurely stroll along the Folly Beach Pier, one of the longest piers on the East Coast. Or visit the Morris Island Lighthouse, a symbol of Southern resilience and a remnant of Folly Beach’s rich history.

Isle of Palms

Next stop is Isle of Palms, a peaceful, chic island known for its gorgeous beach houses, luxury resorts and, of course, the beautiful beach. Isle of Palms is located just north of Charleston.

South Carolina Beaches Isle Of Palms

The beach here is clean, wide and generally less crowded than some other places, offering plenty of opportunities for sunbathing, beach walking and swimming. Off the beach, you can choose Wild Dunes Resort for a round of golf or Isle of Palms County Park for a picnic

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is affectionately known as “The Great Coastline”. A hub of entertainment and activity, Myrtle Beach is one of South Carolina’s most visited beach destinations. With 60 miles of sandy beaches, it’s an attraction where tourists seek a mix of beach fun and vibrant nightlife.

South Carolina Beaches Myrtle Beach Things To Do 1

Sunbathe, swim or build sandcastles during the day. Try surfing, paragliding or deep sea fishing. When the sun goes down, the city comes alive, with bustling night markets, live music shows and beachfront restaurants.

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a high-class resort known for its sparkling beaches, world-class golf courses and stylish amenities. With 12 miles of sun-filled shoreline, Hilton Head is the perfect destination for those seeking tranquility and luxury.

Hilton Head Island is home to more than 20 world-class golf courses, a golfing paradise. If you prefer cycling, the extensive bike paths are another way to explore its natural beauty. When you’re ready to relax, you can shop in one of the island’s chic boutiques or enjoy a delicious meal in one of the beachfront restaurants.

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is the small beach town south of Myrtle Beach. While it’s quieter than its neighbor to the north, don’t mistake its calm for boredom. With two miles of sandy beaches, Surfside Beach offers a variety of outdoor activities including swimming, sunbathing and fishing.

South Carolina Beaches Surfside Beach

With the town’s wheelchair accessible coastline, designated entertainment zones for children and a variety of family-friendly events held throughout the year, it’s not hard to see why families come to Surfside Beach year after year.

Cherry Grove Beach

Tucked away in North Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove Beach is a hidden paradise with a slow pace of life and an abundance of natural beauty. This peaceful beach is especially famous for its fishing pier, but what really sets it apart is its tranquility and small town charm. Spend a relaxed day at the beach, take a peaceful stroll along Cherry Grove Pier or cast a line for fishing.

Edisto Beach

Set sail for Edisto Beach, where time slows down and nature takes center stage. This tranquil beach destination is an ideal place for nature lovers and solitude seekers, away from the hustle and bustle that is usually experienced.

South Carolina Beaches Myrtle Beach Oceanfront

You won’t find high-rise hotels or crowded attractions in Edisto Beach. Instead, you’ll find untouched beauty, rustic beach houses and a tranquility that is often hard to find. The shores of Edisto Beach are a treasure trove of shells and fossils. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a loggerhead turtle during nesting season!

Sullivan’s Island

A stone’s throw from Charleston, Sullivan’s Island awaits you. This beach is known not only for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery, but also for its historical significance.

Stroll along its wide, sandy beaches, swim in its calm waters or bask in the South Carolina sun. Visit Fort Moultrie, which played an important role in the American Revolutionary War, or see the unique, triangular-shaped Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse.

Pawleys Island

Let’s explore Pawleys Island, one of the oldest summer destinations on the East Coast. This tranquil barrier island exudes an irresistible nostalgic charm. Pawleys Island is a haven of relaxation with its natural, uncommercialized beauty. As the sun begins to set, there’s nothing like a leisurely swing in one of the island’s iconic rope hammocks.

Daufuskie Island

First, let’s take a boat trip to Daufuskie Island, a car-free, deserted and rustic retreat. Located between Hilton Head Island and Savannah, Daufuskie Island offers a place where life moves at a slower pace and you step back in time. The island has pristine beaches, historic sites and artist shops, making it an ideal place to relax and disconnect.

While you’re here, enjoy the sandy beaches, take a horseback ride along the coast or explore the Island’s Cultural history, which spans the Native American, Gullah and Civil War eras.

Seabrook Island

Next up on our list is Seabrook Island, a private, residential beachfront community with a serene and luxurious atmosphere. This island exemplifies South Carolina’s Low Country charm, offering pristine beaches, lush marshes and high-end amenities.

Best South Carolina Beaches In Usa

Relax on the sandy beaches, take a horseback ride on the beach or spend time birdwatching. For golf enthusiasts, the island’s award-winning golf courses are definitely worth a look.


As we complete our journey through the Beaches of South Carolina, it’s clear that these shores are more than just places to lay your towel. Each beach has its own personality and charm, inviting you to experience the rich history, exciting activities and serene landscapes that can only be found here.